Prison Boss VR Release

We are really excited to announce the release of Prison Boss VR! It’s only the beginning, we consider the game as a full release but we are already thinking about a set of free updates that will be made in the coming months :

  • Oculus Rift support. Implement native support for Oculus.
  • More furniture and customization options for the cell. We want to allow players to make each game unique and fuel the diversity of tactics through more furniture options.
  • New Sandbox Mode. This free play mode would allow players to have all the possible crafting options to unlock in the same game and try to compete for a more long-term high score than the Arcade Mode.
  • Localization.

Note for Oculus owners
As is, the game seems to work. However, we did not have the opportunity to properly test it and adapt it, so please tell us about your issues if you have some, it will help us make the port.

We’ll listen to every feedback you will come up with and you can use the discussions on the page to do so. 

We hope you will have a great time playing Prison Boss and share your experience if you like the game!

- Vincent, Guillaume and Alexandre from Trebuchet

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