Patch 1.0.1

Hello to all jailmates!

We issued a patch today to fix an important game bug, the furniture joints. We also issued some quick fix updates since launch and didn’t report the patch notes to the community. Here are the patch notes of all this:

  • Fixed all the furniture joints. Both drawers and doors should behave as intended.
  • Fixed job issues in the fourth prison
  • Fixed an achievement mix-up with the last jobs of the fourth prison
  • Fixed some issues with the containers
  • Fixed an issue with a high-level crafting achievement
  • Fixed an issue where tobacco loaded the wrong skin texture

Thank you to everybody who reported bugs that they encountered or gave feedback about the game in general. We hope that you all enjoy “making it rain” within the prison walls and we’ll keep you updated on the progress towards an official Oculus port!


Vincent from Trebuchet

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